Creative • Art Director • Teacher • World's Best Dad
My grandfather once punched a horse in the mouth. He was a real-life cowboy from Cuba, a ranchero. He kept it up well into his 80’s. He was passionate, devoted, disciplined and loved what he did for a living. He was my role model and it's because of him that I follow my own passions with so much devotion and dedication. Probably also why I'm currently living on a farm. 
My name's Alexis Budejen. I'm a husband, a father to twin boys, an award-winning art director, a teacher, team player, zine maker/collector, and Simpsons fan. I enjoy working across all mediums, both offline and online. Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity of working with various brands such as Allstate Insurance, Oreo's, Kellogg’s, Nestlé, NFL, Papa John’s Pizza, HBO, Google, 7-Eleven, Lilly, Gain Laundry Detergent and many other P&G brands just to name a few. I've been fortunate enough to work with some great people which has led to award-winning work across multiple platforms and mediums. On top of working at some of the best agencies I also mentor young creatives as an adjunct professor at Miami Ad School. 
When not working I enjoy hanging out with my family, drawing, traveling, reading books, listening to music, watching weird movies and cartoons, creating zines and trying to figure out how the universe works. 
Thanks for taking the time to check out my work. 
Agencies I've worked with:
• Area 23 (New York, NY)

• 360i (New York, NY)
• gyro: (New York, NY)
• Grey Group / Wing (New York, NY)
• McCann (New York, NY)
• Leo Burnett / Lapiz (Chicago, IL)
• Publicis Sapient (Miami, FL)
Awards & Honors: 
• 2020 ADC Awards
   x2 Silver Cube
• 2019 CLIO Awards
   x2 Gold Entertainment
   Shortlist (non-entertainment)
• 2016 Cannes Lions
   Gold Outdoor Campaign
   x3 Shortlist Outdoor
   x2 Shortlist Print
• 2016 El Ojo
   Gold Print
   Silver Print
   Silver Outdoor
   Bronze Print
• 2016 WPPED Cream 
   Silver Print
• 2016 USH Idea Awards
   Silver Print
   Bronze Print
   Bronze Craft
• 2015 Cannes Lions
   Bronze Media
   Shortlist Innovation
• 2015 CLIO Awards
   Silver Direct Media
• 2015 Webby Awards
   Nominee Social Sports
   Honoree Social Events
• 2015 FIAP
   The Cup (Best in Show)
   Gold Media Innovation
   Bronze Promo & Activation
   Bronze Film
• 2015 Epica
   Bronze Online Campaign
• 2015 El Sol
   Silver Integrated
   Shortlist Media
   Shortlist Film
• 2015 El Ojo
   Silver Sports Digital
   Silver Sports Campaign
   Bronze Mobile Content
   Shortlist Film
   Shortlist Direct
• 2015 Kinsale Sharks Awards
   Bronze Film
• 2015 USH Idea Awards
   Silver Promo & Activation
• 2015 New York Festivals 
   Finalist Cyber
• 2015 Wave Festival
   Bronze Cyber Social
• 2015 Mosaic Awards
   Digital Grand Prix
• 2015 ANA Multicultural
   Hispanic Grand Prix
• 2014 Kinsale Shark Awards
   Bronze Ambient
• 2014 Wave Festival
• 2014 El Sol
• 2014 USH Idea Awards
• 2014 Radio Mercury Awards
   Shortlist Radio Campaign
• 2013 El Ojo
   Shortlist Print
• 2013 FIAP
   Shortlist Print
• 2011 Cannes Future Lions
• 2010 Communication Arts
   Typography Annual
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